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The Power of Digital Marketing

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Why Is Digital Marketing Such A Big Trend In Philippines?

The trend today is to go digital. Whether it is to promote your new electronics store or your new YouTube channel, everyone realizes the power of digital marketing and so does Philippines. The face of digital marketing has changed drastically in a couple of years and the country is witnessing an escalated pace of online marketing. Why is digital marketing on an all-time high? Read more to find the reasons below!

  1. The power of video content

Did you know that a single set of video content is a far better marketing tool than all your advertisement campaigns combined together? This is because we are better converted from potential customer to promising customer when we watch a product live in action. It is also more convenient, more convincing and much more entertaining than all other content available on the Internet.
Considering the fact that people spend close to 100 million hours watching videos of Facebook, it can be easily stated that video content is the big reality, right here. It is also predicted that in the coming years, around 85% of internet traffic will be in video form.

  1. More preference for mobile-searches

There has been a massive inclination towards mobile-searches in Philippines as well as all over the world. Digital marketers have noticed this trend among customers that involves searching for products and reviews on mobiles. They have also noticed how 90% of the buying decision is already made by reading the reviews on smartphones, before arriving at a store to check the product physically.
The rise of virtual reality also seems to be helping here. This lets a potential customer to experience images and videos of products and services in a much more wholesome manner than earlier.

  1. The Social Media push and pull

Needless to say, social media is everywhere. Among all the other nations, Philippines is also quite active in the social media sphere as far as digital marketing is concerned. You might be surprised to know that Philippines has topped the list of countries in a research on time spent on social media. The Filipinos are known to spend close to 4 hours on social media each day.
This is an amazing opportunity for digital marketers and they can boost their social posts even further to be able to reach a wider target audience in the coming years.
With more involvement in the social media community, it is expected that achievement of business targets will improve, there will be easier conversions and eventually better ROI.

  1. Brand Personalization

With the social media network improving, brands will have a better chance at marketing their products more personally through apps like Snapchat, Facebook groups, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc. A recent example of this kind of brand personalization is from the year 2016 during national elections, when Viber released stickers that were politically-related and were also sponsored by the candidates.
If brands can collate data produced by the social media activities of people in Philippines and all across the globe, it will be easier for them to identify the characteristics of the target audience and allow them to deliver a more personalized content as and when needed.

  1. More interactive content

There is no denying the fact that digital marketing is more interactive and more interesting because of its visual appeal. The target audience can be kept engaged for longer periods of time. Content or digital marketing is expected to move towards short quizzes, crossword puzzles and mini-games that make the whole idea of digital marketing more engaging.


  • 6. Story-telling

    Brand story-telling is an exciting way of establishing trust with your potential customer base. When you narrate the story that acts as a driving force behind your brand name then that in turn attracts a target audience effortlessly.

  • Coca-Cola

    Did you know how a simple campaign in the year 2012 by Coca-Cola Philippines that read as “Where Will Happiness Strike Next?” went on to garner 1.3 million views

  • Likes on Facebook

    and close to 17,000 Likes on Facebook in a single day? It dealt with the stories of industrious workers of Filipino who have lived in other countries and places for years.

  • 6. Story-telling

    These are some of the significant reasons that can explain why and how digital marketing is the now and here of several brands in and around Philippines.